Torx Bit 108TG.28-T45

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Bit types avalible Torx, Hex 
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P/N: 108T.28-T45 includes a neodymium magnet inserted in the tip of the bit.  This solution generates over 2,000 gauss of magnetic force which is strong enough to hold the screw used in the specific application it was made for firmly on the tip of the bit.

Ko-ken tools will magnetize bits with a magnetizer at no additional charge, upon customer request.  The magnet force generated will range based on the length of the bit:  short bits (28mm) will generate only 100 gauss, which is too weak to hold a screw on the tip of the bit.  Longer bits (70mm) will generate 300 gauss, which is enough to hold small screws.

If you have a requirement for a very strong magnetic bit please request a quote a custom inserted neodymium magnet into the tip of the bit needed for your application.

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Magnetic Bit Drawing Screen_Shot_2011-09-06_at_2.13.48_PM.png

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