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Sleeve Drive Sockets (3/8" (9.5MM) SQ.): NV13145-150

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Industrial Sales Reps

Ko-kenUSA sells Ko-ken Tools to manufacturers through Industrial Distributors who supply technical knowledge and support to their customers. In areas that we do not have an Industrial Distributor you will see the phone number for the office to call for product/distributor support.


State Distributor Phone
Alabama Rhino 888.727.7882
Alaska None N/A
Arizona Jeff Taylor 978.905.9155
Arkansas Pro Power 901.609.8955
California Integrated MFG Supply 408.224.5225
Colorado Jeff Taylor 978.905.9155
Connecticut Palmac 978.455.0672
Delaware Rowe Sales and Service 610.693.4031
Florida Tom Williamson 800.327.1668
Georgia Rhino 888.727.7882
Hawaii None N/A
Idaho Jeff Taylor 978.905.9155
Illinois Jeff Taylor 978.905.9155
Indiana EDLO 574.753.0502
Iowa The Tool House 800.829.4174
Kansas KA Technologies 502.429.5590
Kentucky BW Rogers 502.479.2000
Louisiana Southwestern PTS 972.745.1900
Maine Palmac 978.455.0672
Maryland Rowe Sales and Service 610.693.4031
Massachusetts Palmac 978.455.0672
Michigan Power Tool and Supply 800.829.7445
Minnesota The Tool House 800.829.4174
Mississippi Pro Power 901.609.8955
Missouri Air Electric Hydraulic & Hoist 262.798.0556
Montana Jeff Taylor 978.905.9155
Nebraska Jeff Taylor 978.905.9155
Nevada Integrated MFG Supply 408.224.5225
New Hampshire Palmac 978.455.0672
New Jersey Rowe Sales and Service 610.693.4031
New Mexico Jeff Taylor 978.905.9155
New York Rowe Sales and Service 610.693.4031
North Carolina Rhino 888.727.7882
North Dakota The Tool House 800.829.4174
Ohio Jeff Taylor 978.905.9155
Oklahoma Southwestern PTS 972.745.1900
Oregon Assembly Solutions 425.829.2955
Pennsylvania CH Reed 1.800.692.7216
Rhode Island Palmac 978.455.0672
South Carolina Rhino 888.727.7882
South Dakota The Tool House 800.829.4174
Tennessee Pro Power 901.609.8955
Texas SWPTS 972.745.1900
Utah Jeff Taylor 978.905.9155
Vermont Palmac 978.455.0672
Virginia Jeff Taylor 978.905.9155
Washington Assembly Solutions 425.829.2955
West Virginia KA Technologies 502.429.5590
Wisconsin Air Electric Hydraulic & Hoist 262.798.0556
Wyoming Jeff Taylor 978.905.9155